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About us

The austriaguides introduce themselves

We austriaguides would like to show you art and culture as well as the nature and way of life of Austria. Impressions and experiences enrich our lives, they are the ones that let us tell stories and so often bring a smile to our faces. We are connoisseurs of history and at the same time on the pulse of the time.

We are a dedicated team of specially trained tour guides. We serve and advise our domestic and foreign guests in more than 40 languages.

In addition to sightseeing tours, city tours, excursions, study tours or museum tours, we also plan and organize individual programs for you.

We are represented in all nine federal states and each austriaguide also has the authority and competence to lead in and through Austria.

What advantages do you have with tour guides?

Expert guides and support with a lot of personal commitment and knowledge are important to the guides.

Experience your excursions in a very special way. Tour guides know about "hidden gems" and cozy places with that certain something in the know and can thus make your stay special.

With a guide, you are always "at the forefront" when visiting art and culture - without long waiting times.

How do you recognize tourist guides?


Each tourist guide gets a badge issued. This is infected on the clothing and contains the imprint "austriaguides". This badge serves to better recognize commercial guides and to prevent "black guides".