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Alessandra Brucchietti, BA

Mariahilfer Straße 107/62
1060 Wien

Mobile +43 (6776) 3087104

About me:

Born Italian, raised European, adopted Viennese. I’m a co-founder of, a licensed Austria Guide and a cultural anthropology graduate. My career in tourism started in 2015, while believing not to be practicing any anthropology at all. Little did I know, I soon realized that being a tour guide is the best field work I could have hoped for. My goal is to help my guests understand and enjoy the city of Vienna, ideally while eating cake or hiking through vineyards. You can book me for walking tours around the city, as well as tour in museums ( Schönbrunn Palace, Hofburg & Sisi Museum, Imperial Treasury, Belvedere Museum, Leopold Museum, Freud Museum, Liechtenstein Palace & more). If you are looking for a bespoke tour that suits your needs, simply get in touch!


Languages: Austrian/German | English | Italian

Topics: District tours | Tour Management